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Let's Play - Activity Advocates

Activity Advocates are organisations that encourage and facilitate play, activity and sport through their involvement with schools, events and communities.

» Dynamic Sports Coaches
Active Kidz
Active Kidz is truly the most unique specialised sensory motor integration programme in Johannesburg. We are proud to say Active Kidz have been activating young minds and bodies all over Johannesburg for the past eight years and have over 2 000 kids in our data base.
Active Kidz incorporates gross motor development, fine motor development, Speech therapy, Kinesiology, Brain Gym and Mind Moves into our yearly syllabus.
Active Kidz has over 85 pieces of gross motor equipment and 45 pieces of fine motor equipment. In addition, we are qualified Learning Readiness Assessors. This allows our coaches at Active Kidz the opportunity to continually check for each child’s individual and age appropriate milestones. These crucial milestones are vital to the mental and physical development of each child.
Contact Bridgette McKnight at info@activekidz.co.za.
Clamber Club
Clamber Club runs movement programmes for children between the ages of 4-months to 6 years. They aim to promote a love for movement and a joy for exercise from a young age and develop important perceptual motor skills, essential for later academic learning, through appropriate movement activity.
Clamber Club trains child minders at NOAH (Nurturing Orphans of Aids for Humanity). They run Clamber Club classes at 38 of their centers in Natal and Gauteng, with approximtely 5000 children per week receiving the exercise and stimulation programme. Clamber Club also has a range of ACTION songs as well as a new action song DVD sold in stores countrywide and through the franchise networks.
Coaching Concepts Sports Management
Coaching Concepts Sports Management started in 2000 as a junior physical education brand management company focusing on skill acquisition brands for children between 3 and 13. they have four owner-managed franchises in Gauteng.
The company began trade with the KIDZKOACHING Junior Physical Education Programme (conducted in pre-schools) as the sole brand and by August 2006, another four brands were under the Coaching Concepts Sports Management umbrella. These include: KIDZKRICKET – professional cricket coaching using one-on-one, intensive coaching with comprehensive programmes to suit all aspects of cricket; KIDZKRICKET Junior – a programme taught at nursery schools as an introduction to the game of cricket; WISDEN CRICKETER CLINICS - held in partnership with this leading cricket magazine and; FLICX CRICKET – official agents for the Flicx range of coaching aids and facilities as well as the Brell range of bowling machines.
» www.ccsm.co.za
Dare to Dream
Dare to Dream Children's Camps serve orphans from under-privileged communities. Orphans are in our opinion the most vulnerable in any society. Many of South Africa's Orphans are affected by or infected with HIV/Aids. It is our privilege to offer orphans between the ages of 7 and 15 years old a FREE no strings attached holiday camp for at least four days.
The camps emphasis is recreational and camp activities include: racing through the obstacle course, hiking, soccer, foofi-sliding, swimming, indigenous games, kayaking, rafting, tubing and other fun activities and games. We take between 50 and 60 children at a time during all the school holidays. The children are selected through registered Orphan Homes and get to experience our life changing camps through generous donations from companies and private individuals. For more information please contact Josh Glenny on 082 600 8380, 032 947 1210 or josh@daretodream.co.za.
» www.daretodream.co.za
Dynamic Sports Coaches
Dynamic Sports Coaches (Pty) Ltd. is a Sports Coaching Recruitment, Placement and Moderation Company founded in October of 2011. The Company, after recruiting Coaches; offers part-time to full-time employment and sends these interested individuals, of which some are non-qualified/ qualified in Sport Coaching, Management and Administration; for coaching courses, accreditation or certification for various sporting codes.
Established in 2009, Egolisquash a project of Central Gauteng Squash introduces children from the inner-city of Johannesburg, Soweto and Alexandra to the game of squash, helping to foster in them a love of sport, taking them off the streets and providing them with opportunities that they would not otherwise have. The program opens up new experiences for children from disadvantaged backgrounds through squash, education, cultural enrichment and community service. The programme uses the platform of sport to empower kids aged between 8-19 years of age to realize their full academic, athletic and personal potential. It uses the empowering and uniting abilities of squash to “revive the spirit of ubuntu among youth” in South Africa. The development of squash is a platform used to address youth and issues affecting them, their communities as well as to revive the spirit of ubuntu among the youth, as they are the future of the country. The kids are taught to have high self- esteem and to reach for their goals and dreams.
» www.egolisquash.co.za
Grassroots Football Foundation
Grassroots Football Foundation’s fundamental purpose is to introduce soccer to children between the ages of 3 and 7 years at pre-schools. They aim to improve the depth of soccer in South Africa in terms of skill, participation and professional coaching.
Grassroots Football Foundation encourages children to play age-appropriate activities so that they are able to experience and execute orders, appropriate to their own level of physical and mental development.
They want children around South Africa to have a chance to join a fun coaching program in a familiar and safe environment and implement a fun coaching manual with 42 lessons that target the fundamental skills essential to soccer.
For more information please contact Wilro Zwarts on 012 752 0566 or email wilro@grassrootsff.co.za
» www.grassrootsff.co.za
In 2 Touch
In 2 Touch is a nationwide Touch Rugby league that was initiated in 1995 and has been franchised to cities and suburbs in Gauteng, W. Cape, Free State, E. Cape, North-West Province and KZN. Australia’s largest co-ed school sport, Tough Rugby encourages skill development in a non-injury and contact-free version of rugby, one of South Africa’s most passionate pastimes. Played by children (from age 8), teens and adults, Touch Rugby games are hosted in schools, at sports & recreation centres, in communities and on beaches.
» www.touchrugby.co.za
  Bakusasa Trust
Bakusasa Trust, formerly known as the Lee Bromley Golf Foundation (LBGF), is a “Grass Roots” initiative and “First Touch” program that introduces golf to disadvantaged children from deprived areas, with the purpose of providing them an opportunity to build character and learn important life skills. More than a golf learning centre, Bakusasa Trust provides a positive impact on children, their families and their communities through the great game of golf. It provides the perfect framework for optimal growth, development and maturation through golf.
» Contact: tracy@bakusasa.org.za
» www.bakusasa.org.za
Learn 2 Surf
Learn 2 Surf offers young people a choice of access to a sport and lifestyle that promotes healthy living. They aim to introduce the joy, thrill and healthy lifestyle of surfing to people, of all ages, in the safest possible environment. The opportunity to master the sport of surfing provides numerous learning opportunities through which young people and learn more about themselves and their abilities. It also teaches them how to understand and manage the stress that they face in their lives. Their instructors are SSA Accredited coaches and they have schools in Cape Town, Plett, East London, Jeffery's Bay, Port Elizabeth, Margate, Durban and Balito for beginner and advanced surfers.
» www.learn2surf.co.za
Monkeynastix is…
An ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE Movement Education Programme for all children ages 1 – 8 years old.
A SUCCESSFUL international franchise with more than 60 branches in 14 countries FUN and Non-Competitive.

It is IMPORTANT for all Children…
We build SELF CONFIDENCE and a POSITIVE SELF IMAGE. Our programme provides DIFFERENT MOVEMENT EXPERIENCES in different contexts Today’s children ARE NOT MOVING ENOUGH MODERN LIVING, easy access to FAST FOOD and TECHNOLOGY all contribute to passive lifestyles, increased body weight and in many cases obesity.

Let Monkeynastix take your child on a journey of discovery that will not only shape the body, but wire the mind for academic success. Children are born to move and through Monkeynastix we encourage them to explore and discover the world through their senses and their bodies with our fun and exciting movement education programme - designed by specialists, endorsed by therapists and teachers, and loved by kids!

» www.monkeynastix.biz

Playball has been presented by coaches effectively, successfully and to the benefit of tens of thousands of children all over the world for more than 25 years. Playball is not just a coaching method; it is an experience where a sports coach meets a child’s learning needs in an educational and sporting environment. The nature of Playball is that it instructs, prepares, enlightens, informs, inspires, conditions, familiarises, trains, fosters and changes children’s behaviour in a positive way through the medium of confident, competent sports participation.
» www.playball.co.za
Rugga Kids
The Rugga Kids programme was developed and introduced to pre and primary schools in 2000. Rugga Kids concentrates on rugby-based, physical and motor-skill development, focusing on the safety aspects of the game. Their programme caters for learners aged between 3-10 years at both pre- and primary school levels. The curriculum forms the basis for the rugby techniques and skills development and sessions are both structured and fun, to ensure that the learner develops social and team skills in a stimulating environment.
» www.ruggakids.co.za
Ryk Neethling Learn to Swim schools
As a four time Olympian I understand that swimming techniques and philosophies are always changing.
At the Swimming Stars™ Learn to Swim Schools, parents can feel assured that every swimming instructor will stay at the forefront with regards to technique, teaching philosophies and international best practice Learn to Swim principles.
Swimming can have many positive outcomes, least of all being an essential life skill. Learning to swim well from an early age provides lifelong benefits. At the Swimming Stars™ Learn to Swim Schools we believe that with appropriate training methods, consideration and care, every child will shine!
feel passionate about teaching children how to swim and look forward to sharing my experience, ideas, knowledge and above all my love for the sport of swimming with the youth of South Africa.
» www.learntoswim.co.za
Sport For All
Sport For All provides an alternative children’s “aftercare” for the communities in which they operate. Working in townships, Sport For All aims to keep children occupied with healthy, after-school sporting activities thereby keeping them off the streets and away from negative health and lifestyle influences. Their program includes professional coaching and life skill training. Sport For All recognises that the benefits of regular play and activity are significant to the growth and development of youth. As such, they aim to expose many children (mass participation programmes) to a variety of different sports and to facilitate and encourage regular participation and play.
» www.sportforall.co.za
Sporting Chance
Sporting Chance has been promoting and coaching sport since 1990. Their primary objective is to give as many children as possible an opportunity to participate in a positive sporting environment. As it is during the formative years that the foundation for sports playing ability is laid, Sporting Chance has advocated and implemented various programmes for coaching school-age children.
Sporting Chance’s current activities include a coaching schedule that runs throughout the year. During the school holidays cricket, rugby, hockey and soccer clinics are run daily at various venues. These are aimed at children between the ages of 4 - 14 years old. During the school term Sporting Chance places sports coaches in the schools for which ever sport code is required. In association with the regular coaching programmes, Sporting Chance co-ordinates and organises the Calypso Beach Cricket Festivals, Street Cricket, the groundbreaking Health of the Nation project and the Khulani Beach Soccer Festivals.
» www.sportingchance.co.za
Sporting Opportunities
Sporting Opportunities specialises in the provision of Residential Sporting Holidays for young people aged 9-16 years old. Qualified and experienced coaches provide an unrivalled standard of coaching and tuition in all sports at schools with outstanding sporting facilities. In addition to being able to focus on their chosen sport, the children are also introduced to many other sports, which improves hand eye co-ordination and keeps their enthusiasm for their chosen sport by adding variety. On the week-long Sporting Holidays the children are coached individually but professional coaches, in addition to group and team sessions. A rewarding experience, Sporting Opportunities places an emphasis on having fun and making new friends.
» www.sportingopportunities.co.za
Altus Sport
Altus Sport was founded in 1995 and mainly focusses on youth development through sport.

In 2007 a Youth Sport Forum was established who runs the Life’s a Ball programme. This sporting initiative includes moral values and basic read and write education.

Since 2004 Altus Sport has run a strong Street soccer project in the Tshwane region.

The Altus Sport team has presented many workshops and events which includes sport and recreation management, facilitator’s training, generic coaching, mass sport participation, talent identification, total fitness & gymnasium training, circuit training, athletic & tennis coaching as well as Olympic education.

Gert Potgieter is a board member of Altus Sport. Gert is a former Olympian, elected SA men’s athlete of the century in 2000, former world record holder and provincial rugby center. In 2007 he was honoured by the South African Hall of Fame. Gert was founder and Director of the first Olympic Academy of South Africa. He wrote several sport coaching publications and lectured internationally. He holds sport and Olympic education in high esteem. He is a qualified and accredited sport facilitator, assessor and moderator at ETDP-SETA.
» www.altussport.co.za

Cricky Cricket
The Cricky Cricket program offers Boys and Girls 4 to 9 years the opportunity to kick start their cricket career, learn lots of new cricket skills like batting, bowling, catching and throwing, as well as social skills allowing them to make new friends and most importantly HAVE FUN!!
» www.crickycricket.co.za
Sports Academy George (SAG)
Started in 2008, Sports Academy George (SAG) uses sport as a tool to select, mentor, and rise up a new generation of Christian leaders in the underprivileged communities of George, South Africa. In addition to the SAG Elite Program for high school students, SAG staff and volunteers are involved in the Life Orientation classes at two local primary schools, encouraging physical activity and teaching basic sporting skills. Currently, 3 former SAG players have been employed as full-time staff by the Academy and are contributing back to their communities by being involved in the primary schools programme and coaching opportunities.
K4C offers weekly Hockey (boys and girls) and Netball lessons to pre-primary children (4-6 year olds) as an outside school program and as an extra mural at certain schools. We focus on getting these little ‘Sport Stars’ ready for sport in Grade 1, but believe strongly in the ‘full’ holistic development of young children. A Well Balanced Lifestyle = A Happy, Healthy Child. An active lifestyle is part of a balanced lifestyle, which in turn will produce a happy child. Children mustn’t only do sport to be the best or to be in the top team, it must be fun, it must be part of living healthy. Thus we develop skills in both sports, focus on ‘comprehensive’ development of the child and also support the community through our ‘10%-back-to-less-privileged-kids’ community project which will do free lessons in less privileged areas, collect 2nd hand sporting equipment for poor schools and more. We will soon bring ‘Kids Duathlons; running and cycling’ in as part of K4C. Support us, Support healthy living, Support happy children, Support a better future generation….Support South African Youth Development!!

Volunteer in South Africa

In 2007 Mandy Weschta, founder of the Surfing Outreach Project, decided to give the less privileged children of Muizenberg in Cape Town a 'FREE' opportunity to Learn to Surf. The project was founded with the aim to get children off the streets and away from negative influences and to provide constructive sporting activity plus encourage school attendance.  Mandy teaches both surfing and soccer in an effort to keep children motivated after school hours.
The surf project coaches 200 children a week plus provides soccer coaching to 50-100 children per day (in Cape town, Muizenberg and St Francis Bay as well as the Eastern Cape). For more information on the project contact: volunteerinsouthafrica@gmail.com or contact Mandy on 079 138 6116.
» www.volunteerinsouthafrica.co.uk

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