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Let's Play » Professional Partners

Let's Play has support from a number of organisations that provide advice and counsel within their professional capacities.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
UNICEF is the driving force that helps build a world where the rights of every child are realised. They have the global authority to influence decision-makers, and the variety of partners at grassroots level to turn the most innovative ideas into reality. They believe that nurturing and caring for children are the cornerstones of human progress. UNICEF was created with this purpose in mind – to work with others to overcome the obstacles that poverty, violence, disease and discrimination place in a child’s path. UNICEF promotes girls’ education, immunisation, prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS, creating protective environments for children and children' rights. UNICEF operates in 191 countries.
» www.unicef.org
JAG Sports and Education Foundation
JAG was launched in April 2007 to give the youth of South Africa an opportunity to develop and achieve their potential through sport and education. The foundation focuses on education and sport development at a grass roots level, with the intention of giving the youth hope and encouraging young South Africans to dream and transform their dreams into achievable realities.
South African sports icons like Elana Meyer, Ashwin Willemse and Robbie Fleck offer their support on the Foundation programmes, which serves to inspire young South Africans.
Although JAG offers running, rugby and cricket programmes their main focus, however, has been on the running programmes: Mighty Metres (part of the school’s Life Orientation curriculum) and Young Runners (after school programme), based on the running programmes founded by the New York Road Runners Foundation. The Mighty Metres programme, recently launched in the Western Cape area has been implemented to 8000 young primary school learners.
» www.jagfoundation.com
Life College
Life College is a not-for-profit extra-curricular institution that specialises in developing emotional intelligence, intrapreneurship*, entrepreneurship and leadership in South Africa’s youth. Life College provides school going youth and tertiary institution students with real knowledge for the real world – knowledge and personal skills that will benefit the learner immediately - and for the rest of his/her life. They employ a holistic approach in its course offerings with classes that are highly interactive and experiential. Life College’s central belief is that classes must be FUN, because learning is only truly effective when it is enjoyed.
* An intrapreneur is a person who creates exponential value within an organisation; a proactive, problem-solving, opportunity seeking, self-motivated employee.
» www.lifecollege.org.za
Department of Basic Education
The Department of Basic Education (DBE) was formed when the then National Department of Education was split into two: DBE and the Department of Higher Education and Training. DBE has been tasked with overseeing primary and secondary education in South Africa.The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has a continued partnership with SuperSport Let’s Play, the main objective of this partnership is to provide improved and quality education to all our learners. This partnership was extended in the third quarter with Philips SA and Hitachi Construction Machinery SA that will certainly add value to the DBE/SuperSport partnership.
Sunshine Association - hope for children with disabilities
The Sunshine Association is a dynamic, progressive and innovative Non—Profit Organisation in the field of intellectual disability, offering diverse services at many levels. All developments and services offered by the organisation are a direct response to the needs identified in the communities.

What makes our organisation different is our passion for children with intellectual disabilities, a holistic approach and our dedicated staff compliment who go out of their way to better understand and service the special needs of individual children.

The services offered by the Sunshine Association have developed over the years in response to the needs of communities and families served. The Sunshine Centre Association works within functions with a developmental model in partnership with families and communities.

The model focuses on the child with disabilities and delays at the centre of a system encompassing parents, caregivers, siblings, volunteers and the community at large. This approach seeks to ensure the maximum functioning of the family and the system and the inclusion of the child with disabilities into the family, the community and society. The belief is that the system that is capacitated, supported and informed will provide a nurturing and supportive environment for the child with disabilities. This has certainly been evident in the work of the Sunshine Centre Association.
» www.sunshine.org.za
Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA)
SRSA is the national governmental department responsible for sport and recreation. It is located in central Pretoria, with a parliamentary office in Cape Town. Their mission is to create an environment conducive to maximising the access to participation in sport and recreation by all South Africans and to enhance the medal-winning potential of the country’s athletes in international sporting competitions. Mr Makhenkesi Stofile is the Minister of Sport and Recreation and a patron of Let’s Play.
» www.srsa.gov.za
Sports Horizons
Sports Horizons is a high quality specialist sports retailer situated in Fourways, Johannesburg. Cricket, Hockey, Running, Soccer and Rugby are their major equipment and clothing categories, while the latest performance enhancing undergarments are also specialities across these sports. They offer cricket coaching in their indoor facilities throughout the year.
» www.sportshorizons.co.za & Tel: 011 465-7008
Sport Science Institute, South Africa (SSISA)
The Sports Science Institute of South Africa exists to optimise the sporting performance and health of all South Africans through the execution, application and dissemination of science.
Based in Newlands, Cape Town, the Institute offers a multi-disciplinary range of services and memberships that cater for a diverse spectrum of needs, from health and wellness to sporting excellence, using exercise, nutrition and mental health to enhance human performance. SSISA focuses on Elite Sports People as well as those wanting to improve their performance, improve their health or those who require rehabilitation from injury or illness to get them back into their athletic lifestyle.
The Sports Science Institute of South Africa is working with Let's Play to accredit programmes that encourage and support South Africa's children to be physical active in safe environments.
» www.ssisa.com
Fitness Adviser
Fitness Adviser is South Africa's premier online fitness destination, providing you with the resources to achieve a strong body, healthy mind and centered soul.

Fitness Adviser has got training centres, fitness specialists, personal trainers and retailers, events, fitness programmes, recipes and so much more. We've got the goods to help you change your life today.
» www.fitnessadviser.co.za

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